The picturesquely located Zakopane is an excellent place to vist at any time of the year: the splendour of the Tatra mountains are best enjoyed from this bustling resort, which visitors have enjoyed for well over 100 years. Now drawing millions of tourists to its many hotels and restaurants, Zakopane also offers numerous museums and galleries which display the unique artistic style of this region.

The very first documents mentioning Zakopane dating from the 17th century mention the Zakopisko glade. Its further history was connected with the development of mining and metallurgy industries and then with the progress of health service and tourism. It went a long way from a little village to a health resort to a big town, named the winter capital of Poland.

After a day of seeing the sights, or overindulging yourself on a hike, relax in a pub, cafe or nightclub.

A view of the Tatras from the Pieniny Mountains

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