Zakopane enjoys the fame, as the best-known tourist attraction in Poland. It is at the foot of the Tatra range of mountains with stunning views. Visitors come again and again; in the winter to enjoy the various ski areas, in the summer to benefit from the health giving climate in the Tatras. There are multitudes of cafes, various concerts and of course a great variety of beautiful walks to admire the unique scenery. It is a perfect place for family holidays.


Krynica, known as "the Pearl of Polish spas" lies on the hills of Kryniczanka stream. This resort is very clean, quiet and its natural beauty is greatly appreciates by all visitors. The spa’s history dates back to 18th century, when first spa facilities were established. You can buy, in advance, various spa treatment whichever is of specific interest to you.


In the middle of Poland - 200 km northwest from Warsaw, in the heart of the Kujawy region, lies the country's largest lowland spa resort - Ciechocinek, with its 160 years of curative tradition. Its exceptional properties are due to the natural curative brine evaporation and the unique microclimate, which is similar to seaside climate because of its high iodine content, but it is much milder. This city of wooden, graduated towers is known all over the world.

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