In the middle of Poland - 200 km northwest from Warsaw, in the heart of the Kujawy region, lies the country’s largest lowland spa resort - Ciechocinek, with its 160 years of curative tradition. Its exceptional properties are due to the natural curative brine evaporation and the unique microclimate, which is similar to seaside climate because of its high iodine content, but it is much milder. This city of wooden, graduated towers is known all over the world.

Transfers   One way
Bydgoszcz airport — Ciechocinek  
Warsaw airport — Ciechocinek
Poznań— Ciechocinek  
Gdańsk — Ciechocinek

Price per transfer — up to 7 people


Ciechocinek, Spa Complex Eden

We invite you to Eden - a rehabilitation centre, surrounded by a charming garden which is situated in the very peaceful part of the most famous Polish spa - Ciechocinek.

Our objective is “Health and Relaxation.” If you would like to combine your stay with treatment therapy and relaxation, you will find at our centre excellent conditions.

During your stay we can treat the following complaints :

A highly qualified staff is availabe to you as well as a modern hotel, therapy centre and a salt cave.

We invite you to Eden

Price list

Therapeutic-rehabilitation stays, holiday stays


7 January — 30 March
13 October — 22 December


31 March — 22 June
15 September —12 October


23 June — 14 September

single room


£ 30


£ 34


£ 36

double room


£ 54


£ 52


£ 64

single apartment


£ 46


£ 52


£ 60

double apartment

£ 76

£ 82

£ 90

The price of the therapeutic-rehabilitation stays covers:

in Ciechocinek, owing to its spa properties you are obliged to pay a climate supplement from April till September and from October till March,

Other services are in line with valid price lists.

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