The Polish Republic is situated in Central Europe and borders the following countries: Germany in the west, The Czech Repuplic and Slovakia in the South, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine to the East and Russia and the Baltic Sea to the North. The capital of Poland is Warsaw

Holidays 2018

01 January - New Year's Day
06 January - Epiphany
01 April - Easter Sunday
02 April - Easter Monday
01 May - Labour Day
03 May - Constitution Day
20 May - Pentecost Sunday
31 May - Corpus Christi
15 August - Assumption Day
01 November - All Saints' Day
11 November - Independence Day
25-26 December - Christmas



UK visitors are entitled to free basic medical care in Poland for a stay of up to six months. Doctors could be contacted at regional clinics and hospitals. In case of emergency you can call for an ambulance by dialling 999. Emergency aid is provided free of charge, further medical treatment is usually paid for in cash. Full medical insurance can be obtained before departure from the UK.


A full British passport is required. There are no visa requirements for visitors staying up to 6 months. Should you require any additional information please contact the Polish Consulate General in the UK on 0044 207 580 0476


GMT +1. The clock goes forward 1 hour at 1:00 on the last sunday in March and back to normal time at 1:00 on the last Sunday in October


1 Polish Zloty (PLN) = 100 Groszy

Credit Cards and Travellers Cheques

All the main credit cards are accepted in the majority of hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, shops and car rental agencies. Travellers cheques are accepted in banks throughout Poland.

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