Twenty-two years ago an unemployed man with a moustache climbed onto a forklift truck in the Gdansk shipyards, made a speech and started a revolution. That man was Lech Walsea. His impromptu outburst during a workers strike acted as a catalyst for the Solidarity movement, and eventually led to the collapse of the Communist system.

But Gdansk is more than a site of political strife and shipyards. Along with Gdynia and Sopot, it forms part of the vast and lively region recognized as the Tri-City. In Gdansk you'll find a city steeped in history and blessed with and blessed with an exquisite old town. Gdynia on the other hand is plain, modern and the commercial heart of the region. With its thriving underground scene, and underground restaurants, it offers little to see, but plenty to do. And finally, Sopot is a frequently packed beachside resort, crammed with spectacular villas, loud music and exotic bars.

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