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Dear Customer,

It is our great pleasure to present you with our website dedicated to Poland, with many holiday ideas to suit all tastes and budgets.

As the largest of the East European countries, which has joined the EU and is situated in the heartland of Europe, Poland is a bridge between eastern and western Europe . It is a stable democracy with a fascinating history, great cultural heritage and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Many Polish tourist sights have already gained worldwide reputation and are an absolute must to see if you consider a journey to this area: Kraków, Warszawa, Gdańsk, Częstochowa, Auschwitz, the Tatra mountains .

Though our offer is aimed primarily at the famous spots we would like to draw your attention also to the less densely populated areas and offer also unconventional, but very interesting programme. You will find our prices to be more than competitive, and you will be dealing with people who are knowledgeable with your destination.

Our approach to traveling will assure you both a secure and enjoyable stay. Let us help you to discover our beautiful country. We are very confident that travelling with Polorbis Holidays will inspire you to return to Poland year after year.

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